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Poultry Feed

Poultry Feeds
Modern broiler industry focuses on lowering production costs and increasing body weight with added value by producing customer oriented ready products.

Kar Group ensures that all its products are produced with finest ingredients. The feed production systems are set up to adhere to the principle of Total Quality Management.

Solar feed is adaptable to every breed and climatic conditions, nutritionally balanced, most economical and produced to the highest technical standards.


Products Of Poultry Feeds

1. Kep's Premium Quality Broiler Feeds

Now-a-days live stock industry extremely keen speciality feed products to survive the industry.

In such situation introducing Kep's Feed is a great source of this.

Kep's Feed is a Premium Quality Broiler Feed, which may provide 1.55 - 1.5 guranted FCR to the farmer. Because this Feed is formulated by selected good quality raw materials like Hyprosoya, maize, animal proteins, vegetable oil, vitamins and trace minerals and other additive to ensure consisting in quality.

Our nutritionists and technical professionals are always alert to take utmost care in the manufacturing process at every step. The feed is pelleted in proper temperature and crumbled to proper size. Finally, the feed is packed in laminated HDPE Bags to keep safe from moisture at farm level.


Kep's Pre Starter (1 to 10 days): It will be used for day old chicks upto 10 days. Pre-Starter Feed can promotes easily development of immunity power of day old chicks and also can help to improve the internal organs. Its formulations is so high by using best raw materials to meet the early chicks nutritions. Kep's Pre Starter comes in 50 Kg. HDPE Bags.


Kep's Starter Crumbs (11 to 28 days): This feed is crumbled form and it will be use from 11 days to 28 days of birds. Kep's Starter Crumbs comes in 50 Kg HDPE Bags.


Kep's Developer Pellet (29 to onwards Marketing): This feed is in pelleted from and it is recommended for birds from 29 days to onwards marketing. Kep's Developer Pellet comes in 50 Kg HDPE Bags.

2. Solar ULTIMA+ Poultry Feeds

3. Solar Feeds

4. Solar Maximo Feeds

5. Solar Swadeshi Feeds

6. Solar Counter Feeds

7. Solar Layer Feeds