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Surjendu Bikash Kar

Chairman, Kar Group of Companies

Valuable Speech

Since inception, the company has been relentlessly working on developing superior quality broiler feed. The absolute focus all through on broiler feeds has helped us in achieving excellent result with modern day genetically improved broilers.

Solar Feeds PVT.LTD started its initial operations from Eastern India especially regions like West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, which are traditionally known for their extreme and harsh climatic conditions. In spite of the adverse climatic zones that we have been operate in, our feed has consistently delivered growth performance with healthy economic returns compared to the average performance of competition.

This led to a rapid growth in our scales of production and within a very short span we became one of the leading brands in the eastern markets with our production facility in Uluberia, West Bengal.

The growth story continued with our expansion also in northern India. We started marketing feed in northern states. The endeavor is to provide the same high quality feed to the poultry farmers of northern India. Soon the company felt the need to expand the business to southern region of India as well.

We at Solar Feeds PVT.LTD are strongly committed to offer high quality poultry feed to the Indian poultry farming community and support them to bring down their production costs of raising broilers and thus helping them to prosper economically. We will re-engineer and improvise our technology and invest in our research and development and thereby always remain ahead of the competition. We will innovate always…and be pioneers in broiler feeding!!!